Directive statement instrucitons

Hi all,
The instructions that appead while writing a directive statement are really helpful, but once the statement is writen and I want to modify it I can’t see the instructions anymore. is there a way to see the instructions in this case?
My only way is search help or write a new statement.

You mean like this one? No, wait… nevermind, that’s from LTspice, and as we know, QSPICE is “modern” :cry:



For sure, this would be awesome if it is there. Since we only have the hints, it would be nice if they always show up instead of only the first time.

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@RM_Simulate I wish, but there is no “helper window mode” for Qspice. I feel that Qspice is targeted to the seasoned SPICE user. Your best (only) option from within Qspice is the Help system which is great but again assumes that the user already has some grasp on how to do things in SPICE. For example, from the HELP system:

D. Diode
Syntax: Dnnn A K <model> [area] [m=<val>] [temp=<value>]
           .model <model> D [model parameters]

Is that helpful? Maybe … maybe not, it depends on your SPICE knowledge. As always, a great resource is … the internet : )

Hopefully the built in HELP will continue to improve with examples and explanations as time progresses.

I agree with you.
Most of the time, I get help from ltspice so that I can do things in Qspice😅

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Similar topic has been discussed before and it seems the helper pop-up works as intended. You can see details here:

Yeah, this is unfortunate.
I believe improving it should be considered.

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@RM_Simulate I strongly agree, it’s not helpful the way it is implemented now.

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