Pop-up help tags getting overwritten by edited value: Bug or feature


I just recently started using Qspice and on a whole I like the quicker in-schematic editing options, one thing is irksome. When we start typing in the various fields, the pop-up help tags start getting overwritten by the values just edited. If I need to go back and change a field, I don’t remember the fields off the top of my head so I have to delete the entire string and start over again. As an example, when I start typing in the fields for a pulse voltage source, PULSE < value1> value2…etc show up underneath which is extremely helpful. What is not helpful is value1 getting overwritten by what I just added in case I need to go back and change the field. Is this a bug? I can’t believe this is a feature…if the intention is to indicate to the user which field has been edited then the < > (or even a font color change) should be sufficient enough to tell the user which field they’re currently editing.

Any thoughts?

I’m going to vote bug on this one. There is no reason I can think of to replace the field names with the field values as you enter them or edit them. You can always see the values on screen, the popup should show the field names, not the values again.

helpful contextual popup:

not helpful contextual popup:

It’s the intended operation. I based it on the standard behavior of source code editing IDEs.

That is the intended operation? : (

And here is a workaround:

@Engelhardt I don’t see it providing any advantages though; in fact it seems like more of a deterrent, especially to new users and beginners who aren’t as well versed on all spice commands.

Is it at least possible to get an option to not have this feature? It does slow down the workflow if one has to go back and change the entire command because of messing up one field.

While @jay314159265 's workaround is fine, it adds more time to the sims and makes the schematic more verbose than it should be.