Different DWM1000 Version

Hi Decawave,

I have got two DWM1000 modules with different versions. One with Green PCB with UWB75 chip antenna and the other one is Blue PCB with UWB05. What are the main difference between these two modules in terms of hardware and software.

Awaiting for your reply.


Dear Technical Support Team,

I am aware that there are some changes DWM1000 module in terms of hardware. Product Change Notice.

I would like to know what are the changes in terms of firmware or software? Please let me know.


Hi John

The software for the the V1 version will work for the V2 version also.
However some wakeup event timing settingswill need to be adjusted.
Please see: DW1000 wakeup event errata impacting DWM1000 V2


Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll adjust start-up delay timing.