DW1000 wakeup event errata impacting DWM1000 V2

We are releasing an errata regarding the length of the DW1000 wakeup event. See PMSC-1 in the DW1000 Errata on our website for details.

This especially impacts the new DWM1000 (V2) module. On the old DWM1000 V1 module, a 500 μs wakeup event (as documented in the DW1000 UM and DS) always successfully woke up the DW1000 from DEEPSLEEP. However, due to the change of the crystal (see PCN019) on the new DWM1000 V2 module, a longer wakeup event of at least 850 μs is required.

We are still investigating the impact on other DW1000 modules.