Decawave DRTLS Gateway Application

Is the Rasberry PI Decawave DRTLS Gateway Application code available to download? I read in the documentation that this is available but have not seen it on the website anywhere?

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Hi Demercurio,

It will be available in the software release 2 which should come in Q2.


Great, I look forward to it. Any idea, early Q2 or late Q2?

Hi, I read elsewhere on the forum that release 2 of the DecaWave DRTLS Gateway Application will be coming out in April.

Is it still on schedule for this month as I bought the MDEK1001 kit and would like to start logging and developing pc applications.

Hi all,

Is the Gateway available now ?


I would like to know if the Rasberry PI Decawave DRTLS Gateway Application code is now avaliable to download. Well… It´s been a while since any one ask about in this forum, so i want to know if now it´s ok to download.

Check this out:

DWM1001 PANS Release 2

Hi Yves,

We have purchased the MDEK kit and have been able to successfully field test it.

But in the software package, we cannot find the sources for the DRTLS gateway application. There are some examples (with HAL for RPi) - but the DRTLS webserver application using MQTT. Are these sources available?