Can't launch EVK1000 Evaluation Kit

I enable 2 decawave modules in USB. One of them writes “Awating Poll” and another writes “Awating Responce”, but they don’t do anything more. How to make them measuring the distance?

Hi Oleg,
Did you get the communication with the 2 boards going?
It could be that switches S1-5, S1-6, S1-7 and S1-8 are not in the same position on both boards.


We have enabled switch S1-4 on one board and disable this one on another board. Other S1 switches are in the same position on both boards. In this case tho one board was writing the message “Awaiting Poll”, and another board was writing “Awaiting Responce”.

When we connected boards to our PCs and configured one of them as a Tag and another as an Anchor, we have noticed such behavior: tag send a message to the “ether” (TX(1) counter increases by 1), another board can “see” the tag (in PC’s program it writes “recieve 1 blink of 1 tag”), it recieve Tag’s message (RX(2) counter increases by 1) and send a responce (TX(2) counter increases by 1), but first board don’t get this responce (RX(1) don’t increase).

PS: after that, we tried to change S2 and S3 switches positions, and we’ve got an error “INIT FAIL” on one of the boards, and when we change S2 and S3 switches positions back, the error didn’t disappear. I think, we have broken boards.