TREK 1000 Error Initial Fail


I have TREK1000 module and when I connect it to PC, a message ''Error init fail" appears on its display. I reprogrammed module by ST-LINK/V2 with ARM binary file for EVB and EVK. What should I do to make it work?
Thanks in advance.

P.S. U2 component is not broken, DIP switches are configured in following states:
S1 - 11110000, S2 - 111111, S3 - 1100.


INIT error could be power (1.8v) , but also the fact that the S2 switches don’t make (proper) contact.

Could you toggle all S2 switched off/on. You may need to do this a few times.

You should hear a “click” when contact is made.

Anyways, if the 1.8V is gone faulty.

Could you change the jumpers of J2 and J3 as indicated in picture attached. (see also schematic page 1)

I also send you the schematic , with the BOM on the last page.

I hope it does the trick
InitError.pdf (172.2 KB) EVB1000_schematic.pdf (636.7 KB)
If this does not work than you would have to contact your distributer (Digikey?) to initiate a RMA process, to get a replacement kit.

It will require the complete kit to be sent back i.e not just the faulty board(s).


Thanks for fast answer, Leo

As I said U2 component is in normal condition. Manipulations with S2 switch have failed in reanimation of module also. Replacement of J2 and J3 jumpers makes the messages “Awaiting Poll” and “Discovery mode 103232205E69168E” appear repeatedly on display.

So make sure that all the TREK boards have the same configuration and the same SW version loaded.
eg nodes on with SW versions 1.05 , 2.10 and 2.25 won’t work with each other.