Bus notation from verilog to QSPICE

Hello, the circuit shown is a simple 3 bit counter. I created q0, q1, and q2 in order to display the single bits of the three bit ‘reg [2:0] intern’ (see verilog interface).
‘v’ had been set to an output type three bit bus when creating the symbol (DLL).
So in the waveform viewer the signal connected to the pin v becomes a staircase.

Would there be a smarter way to transport the single bits of ‘reg [2:0] intern’ to the top level QSPICE schematic, so they can be processed individually or displayed in the waveform viewer?

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Do you mean like this?
The 8-bit output ‘DO’ is defined as a Boolean, not a bit vector, and its “PIN label” is defined as DO[7:0].

Yes, I guess, that will help a lot, thanks!

I’m happy to help!

In addition to my last post, I have one more note to share.
Whenever I changed any port data type, I recreated the ‘Verilog .DLL C++ main template’.
Verilog sources are converted to ‘C/C++’ sources by ‘Verilator’, so it seems that we must update not only the Verilog source but also the ‘Verilog .DLL C++ main’.

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I have found the same thing. Since I don’t write in C++, I made a batch file to delete all of the C++ output of the verilator when needed. That and creating a new port declaration for the verilog seems every time there is a new port makes everything work nicely.