Adding custom BLE functionality to DWM1001


My company is evaluating the DWM1001 module for asset tracking. However, a critical feature we need is to leverage BLE on our tracking device to do our own communication with BLE gateways. We already have this infrastructure set up and need to send our own data from the tracking device.

My impression so far is that the BLE functionality is tightly coupled with the PANS library, and already has a GATT service for the Android app to configure location parameters, or to make API calls through BLE. Can this be expanded upon through your API so that we can create our own services/characteristics and send/receive data apart from this functionality?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Tony,

You are right, when using DWM1001 with PANS, the BLE GATT model is already defined and tightly coupled with PANS. There is no possibility to modify this model and add characteristic.

You can find the BLE characteristics available with pans in the BLE api document:

The main reason behind this restriction is that the softdevice has the highest priority. If it was possible to customize the BLE stack, then there would be a risk to break the integrity of the UWB scheme.

How much customization over BLE do you need ? A solution could be to develop a fully customized UWB stack compatible with your BLE system, but there is a significant amount of work required.

Let me know what you think,

Hi Bernard,
Same as Tony, i also need add characteristic to BLE. But what i need is very simple, just let tags send its own acceleration data to a PC through BLE. Is the only way to achieve that is to " develop a fully customized UWB stack " ? Is there any way simpler?

Thank you for your help