Z axis of anchors compared to that of tags

Hi all,

I want to install a RTLS system using dwm1001-dev and PANS in a hangar.
The problem is that for reasons of environment I am forced to install the anchors on the ceiling (at a height of 20 meters), while my tags will be at a height of around 1-2 meters.

I would like to know if this architecture is possible or if the fact that the anchors are at a height very different from that of the tags can cause problems

Thank you very much for the help

Hi Ivan,

I think the SW concept itself should not limit that. The GDOP is probably not ideal so the location accuracy might be affected depends on the X/Y position of the anchors (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilution_of_precision_(navigation) ).

The problem here will be the achievable range between the nodes. Practical UWB range between 2 DWM1001 nodes is within 25m-70m depends on antenna orientation between them. When you need location the Tag must be in range with at least 3 anchors, ideally 4. That I think can be very challenging.

If you test it please let us know how it goes.

Cheers, TDK