X, Y, Z Relative Tag Location

How do I get the X, Y, Z relative Tag location range like the program, DecaRangeRTLS? I get the message serially right now and I can get an overall range from an anchor to a Tag. But not an X, Y, Z range. I’m using the TREK units, 3 anchors and 1 tag. But maybe potentially up to 8 tags. I cant seem to find anything in the datasheets but its possible I’m over looking it. Thanks!


DecaRangeRTLS application uses tag-anchor ranges, and anchor positions (x, y, z) as input into the trilateration function, which produces tag’s location estimate (x, y, z).

It may be possible to port the trilateration function into the anchor/tag FW and then the tags/anchors could calculate location.

Thank you Zoran,

I am trying to use the RTLS program currently and I have been trying to understand how the function works. I’ve got a handle on it but for some reason the “trilateration” function returns error “ERR_TRIL_SQRTNEGNUMBER”. Is this because Im testing in my office and the units are only about 2-3m apart?

To answer my own question, yes, I had them positioned too close. I am now getting actual data. Thanks again Zoran