Work with Windows 7

Why is the program installation blocked in
Windows 7? It works for me…

The GPU’s API in Windows 7 is obsolete. QSPICE can’t talk to it. But, yes, Windows 7 can be patched with the new API via the latest service packs, so you can, in principle, get a signal out of QSPICE on 7.

However, since Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended over over three years ago and even security updates stopped six months ago, QSPICE will do what it can to refuse to run on it. Problem is, the only way to securely run Widows 7 is air gapped(not connected to the internet or external USB drives). And you would have had to had air gapped the machine before QSPICE went to beta. So it’s really not possible that there exists a secure Windows 7 installation of QSPICE.


Hello Mike,
Please, don’t waste your time for OS`s from MMIX
If customer can not install modern OS that is his problem…

– Kind Regards

Forget it, it doesn’t matter. We don’t need Linux and macOS. We already work only on Windows 12 …