Windows 10 64 bit下,Enable Notifications DWS3000EVB + nRF52840DK Error run Decaranging_5p02.exe

i can´t run the DecaRanging applications on my PC.I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

I want to use the ranging/localization feature oft the Qorvo DWS3000 EVB which is connected to a Nordic nRF52840DK.

I used J-Link and Segger Embedded Studio.Build and Run the example is succesful.

If i open the DecaRanging_5p02.exe and enter the COM port, i get this Error Message:

I also tried to flash twr_demo_nRF52840.hex with J-Flash Lite. But nothing changed.

The Problem is probably the missing driver!? In your guides and instructions you mentioned a STM virtual COM port driver which may need to be installed.
But STM just provides driver for Windows 7 and 8. So no driver for Windows 10.

Also connect to the USB serial port of your platform. do not see a USB serial Device com port .

You need correct usb cable connected to nRF board, assuming that is ok.

If you connect Terminal to embedded device using usb, can you type in terminal connection “help” and enter?

If it displays uspi in the list of commands then you need to type command uspi, press enter and then kill the terminal window (close it).

Command uspi should turn fw to the usb2spi mode which is required for DecaRanging.

If does not work, make screenshoots here