Will microcontrollers be introduced to QSPICE?

I read in one article that microcontrollers are planned for introduction to QSPICE eventually. Is this ever going to be possible? Thanks.

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Because QSPICE can compile and simulate Verilog, it’s well-suited to simulate a microcontroller. I’m waiting for someone to take a RISC-V core from Github and spin it up in QSPICE.

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Fantastic. I’m guessing we won’t see any commercial MCU’s unless the Verilog code is open source.

I agree- you won’t see a commercial MCU’s Verilog source in public (at least, you shouldn’t). But, there are a good number of open-source processors out there that can be a good starting point. For example, there are plenty of RISC-V examples available, plus older architectures like 8051 if you just need a simple 8-bit processor.


Well, in QSPICE Verilog code is translated to C++ which in turn is compiled to native x86 executable code (DLL). So it should be possible for microcontroller vendors to build a pre-compiled DLL for QSPICE, thus not revealing the internals of the microcontroller, shouldn’t it?


Should also afford higher performance than a Verilog-based implementation.