Will DWM1000 be able to interact or range to iPhone11 as same as DWM3000EVB?

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i just want to range / interact between iPhone 11 and DWM1000 , instead of with DWM3000EVB ,and I already tested or ranged the DWM3000EVB with iPhone11. so i want to know that , if deploying the DWM1000 ,so → iPhone 11 will be able to interact or range to DWM1000 or not ?? :thinking:

No, the DWM1000 product is based on the older IEEE 802.15.4a standard so will not work with iPhone.


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Is there a code sample on how you measure distance to iPhone. What tools do I need to program the evaluation board? Will the same code work to calculate distance to an Apple airtag?

All you need is detailed in this download