Wifi 6 interference

Hi, are there any news on Wifi 6 (operating in the 6 GHz band) interfering with UWB channel 5?

The only info I’ve found is this thread WiFi Routers coming to 6 GHz

Looks like WiFi routers in 6 GHz is a done deal. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on 28 December 2021 in AT&T vs FCC that they would not interfere with plans to deploy WiFi routers in the 6 GHz band. This is also a big problem for 95,000 incumbent microwave systems used by utility companies across the country who are in the 6 GHz band.

Thanks for your input Bjorn. Are there already any studies or empirical tests available that contain quantitative data about the level of interference? In general we would like to know if operating a tracking system on channel 5 will still work in presence of WiFi in the 6 GHz band (in the same room, floor, building).

The UWB Alliance put out a report a couple of years ago which said that about 30% of UWB devices would be affected by the new WiFi routers.