Why METERS at all?

Hi Everybody,

This question is directed to decawave staff, but anyone can participate in the thread.
I have seen recurrent issues regarding accuracy, and most of the time it is related to trilateration algorithm lost because the position configured at the anchors is wrong.
I started to think about the problem and I realized there are many issues related to this, like measuring with laser, even across obstacles and floors, and with large number of anchors grids, or grids that you have to place for some time and take it out (my case), forcing to reconfigure every time.
I tried to think about the decawave applications, and I came to realize, that AFAIK, for most applications, you need accuracy, but you are interested in positioning in an AREA, not the exact measure of that point represented in space.
What I am trying to say is: why not abandon METERS and anchor configuration at all?
I understand the anchor position is used to configure the trilateration algorithm, but I think we could limit a little how it works for a greater good.
The idea is to limit the anchors arrangement to groups of 4 horizontal anchors and only measure Z position starting with two groups of anchors (one above other).
The location algorithm would return the x/y/z position in double, from 0.0 to 1.0 for x/y/z , relative to the closest horizontal grid of 4 anchors. This 4 anchors groups would be obligatory and have an alias. For example: GRID_A,0.23434,0.7453 . To add Z information, it could be GRID_FLOOR1,0.23434,0.7453|GRID_FLOOR2,0.56232 . In this case the second information would have the Z information relative to another grid. This means that for a grid with only 4 anchors there is no Z information, you need 8.
This would allow us to have grids not exactly aligned, but with a great accuracy.
If someone needs to use METERS, I am pretty sure he can easily program to convert to meters, after setting the places at the DESKTOP SOFTWARE SIDE.
See, I think many people of this forum, that is interested in heatmaps, analysing speed, tracks, performance, location, forbidden areas, asset tracking, etc will thank you because the will never again setup an anchor. :slight_smile:

Am I saying something just really stupid and this cant be done because how the chip works?


Hi quilombodigital,

Seems you have great innovative idea, but could please draw a picure or give some more light on your description?