Why DWM1001 RTLS modules needed to be restarted after a while?

We have purchased MDEK 1001 kit for evaluation for our company. Our application basically is indoor localisation. I have setup the anchors and tags as mentioned in the documents. Everything works fine most of the time. However, sometimes the location information cannot be determined even though the anchors are in the line of sight of the tag and android tablet is in the range. This especially happens when the system is up and running for more than 30 minutes. In these scenarios, the anchors and/or tags needed to be manually restarted by pressing the “reset” button on the module. This concerns us about the reliability of the system.

Is there a way to restart the modules without manually interfacing with it? Like are there any messages I can send to it to restart it?

Is this an issue you are looking to solve with the next version of the PANS?


there has been a bug reported which manifest in similar way, the module gets stuck after several minutes when polling on the UART, SPI interface. This will be fixed in next release and you can use interrupt mode instead of polling to not experience this issue.

If you are not using the UART,SPI, then please try to provide more info, what is your setup, what are the LEDs doing when it happens? can you enter shell on such module? etc.



when do you plan to make the release of the new version?


I’m sorry, the next release is coming but I don’t know the date right now, but you can use the GPIO interrupt as signal to read positions (or any event from dwm1001) as I suggested and you should not experience this issue for now.
The issue is cause by the random polling on the serial interface.


Thank you for the information. We are using the system with UWB RPi-bridge method and the BLE method (using DRTLS app provided by Decawave). The issue is same in both cases. After operating for a while, the system stops showing the location. In the case of DRTLS app, the tag disappears from the grid map. In the case of using the bridge, MQTT messages stops receiving to the subscribing client. I haven’t observed the behaviour of LEDs yet. I’ll analyse the issue bit further and get back to you

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