Which solution for longest range?

I am currently looking into using the MDEK1001 kit or other, to track some vehicles and parts in a section of a large automotive manufacturing environment. The aim is to see how the parts move through the centre - from the warehouse to lineside for example. This doesn’t need to track every part, so just a few is fine.

[]Which of Decawaves options is best for longest possible range? (accuracy ~1-2m is still fine.)
]Ideally, we’d find one that can do about 50*50 M^2 or can deal with parts moving in and out of the tracked area. Are these solutions viable for this? Or are we wasting our time…
Otherwise is there another option that may work?

Many thanks.

There is an Application note for optimising range - see APS 017 - Maximising Range. (the on-board SW that comes with MDEK is designed for high density, and not optimised for range)

So would the TREK1000 kit be a better option? does that have a better range?

Yes, (and no)… I am not quite sure what exactly you are looking for.

TREK - this is a demo kit, not scalable with EVB1000 HW. The HW is for evaluation purposes, the source is open, can be modified to what ever you wish. The default system configuration options support Ch 2 and 110k datarate which has longer range than Ch 5 / 6.81 Mbps configuration.

MDEK - again it is a demo kit, however the HW is a bit more optimised for size (small module form factor), low power consumption. The system is scalable, however the code is not open, you can only use APIs and does not allow various RF configurations - it only supports Ch 5 / 6.81 Mbps.
Again, you can wipe the FW and build own, but HW is optimised for Ch5.