Which information we get from DWM1001 and DWM1004?

Hi, I have researched DWM1001 and DWM1004 module datasheets, but I am a little bit confused about output of these modules. Which information they give us with embedded firmware except ranging information ? Can we get position knowledge like polar coordinates from these modules?



Basically, the DWM1001/DWM1004 host a DW1000 chip. It allows you to send/receive UWB frames and retrieving very accurate timestamps of the Tx/Rx time.

The raw module will basically provide timestamps. (But you already need software to control when to Tx/Rx and retrieve the time stamp)

Then in software, you can calculate time of flight from the timestamp and deduce distance. When you have multiple device, you can get several distances and deduce position. But all these are already advanced software features.

I would recommend you to read a bit more documentation regarding TWR, TDoA and PDoA to understand a bit more what can be done. You can find information on the decawave website in application notes or in the DW1000 user manual.

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