Which decawave product to choose?


I am looking forward to procuring one of Decawave products for RTLS application
(Either of DWM1000, DWM1001, DWM1001-Dev, MDK1001, TREK1000, EVK1000).

I went through the respective product pages and have an idea of what software features each offer has, however, I am a bit confused about the same software features.

So, I want clarity regarding the software features provided for the above mentioned products.

My requirement is to get started quickly to develop the application and also cost is a factor.
But the condition is that if I use either of DWM1001, DWM1001-Dev, MDK1001, I can only work with nRF52832 SoC, so I cannot go with it.

So please suggest which among the following that I should go for DWM1000 or TREK1000?

Hi Ashmita,

Possibly TREK would be an option now, to evaluate and and you can add a couple of DWM1000 later pending how the ecaluation goes.
TREK straight from the box gives you features such as Geo-Fencing, Tracking and Navigation.
Loading EVK1000 software in the TREK1000 boards , you’re able to evaluate Range accuracy and precision, Range sensitivity, Multipath immunity, Blocking immunity, CIR and more.
EVK1000 consist of 2x EVB1000 , while TREK1000 of 4.
One could connect MCU of their own choose by using the the SPI connectivity on the EVB1000

Hopefully of some help

Thanks for your suggestion.
I want to know that does TREK1000 comes with onboard debugger? Or do I need to purchase St-Link Debugger/
Also EVB1000 has STM32F105 ARM Cortex M3 processor, should I go for other MCU?

The boards do not come with an onboard debugger, so YES it would be required the purchase an ST link.

You could for MCU you like or suite your application.
How to connect to another MCU EVAL board is described in the EVK user manaul, section 8 APPENDIX 1. EVB1000 EXTERNAL CONTROL CONNECTIVITY.
EVK1000_User_Manual.pdf (1.4 MB)

Hope this helps

Thank you. I will go through it.

I just wanted to know that is such feature not available in MDEK1001 where we can connect MCU of our choice as it is in EVK1000?
Is it compulsory that with DWM1001 or DWM1001-DEV or MDEK1001 we have to use no other MCU than nRF52832?