Which C code api accomplishes the SS or DS TWR mission?

So I am a novice to do the project. I’d like to add something to the C code, but I can’t find which function accomplishes the range detection function. I flashed the initial dwm-simple example to do the RTLS system but the code is packaged. Can I see the source code about range-detection?


The firmware delivered with DWM1001C is based on TWR, but it is a library and the source code is not disclosed.

Another SS-TWR implementation for DWM1001C is available on github :


Thank you so much for answering my question Yves, I now know about the pre-loaded library which runs multiple threads including the TWR function. Assumed by your word ‘another SS-TWR implementation’,the pre-loaded TWR ranging method is single-side-TWR instead of double-side-TWR,am I right?

And I am wondering whether you have DS-TWR code for DWM1001C ? It seems the DS-TWR range-detection is more accurate.

Hi Leo,

We don’t have DS-TWR example for DWM1001 specifically but if you download the DW1000 drivers you’ll find a set of examples covering both SS and DS.

Please note than when using clock offset compensation SS provides similar accuracy than DS with an optimized air time utilization and power consumption. This is why we are using SS for PANS.



Thank you so much,Yves.
Your answer helps me a lot.