Where did DecaWave go?

Hi Qorvo team,

I know DecaWave has been acquired by Qorvo.

Now Website DecaWave has been redirected to Website Qorvo.

However, the SDK of UWB is not updated at all on Website:Qorvo.

How will we get the latest information and SDK in the future?

Hi @KOv01
it seems that there is some work in progress.

I found some software here:
DW1000 - Qorvo - see the Software.

Direct link: https://www.qorvo.com/products/d/da008000


In the migration from Decawave to Qorvo, some software downloads did not transfer across. We are working with our webteam to address the situation. Please bear with us as we remedy this error. Thank you for your patience.