Where can I find dwm-simple


I’m still trying to set up my dwm1001 using SES. I’ve read through the entire DWM1001 Firmware User Guide and cant find a download for the “examples/dwm-simple/dwm-simple.emProject” mentioned in section I’ve already tried searching for the “DWM1001 on-board package” on the Decawave website but nothing turns up. Could someone provide the link?


Download the firmware zip file and browse to here

Perfect! Thanks for your help


unfortunately this link no longer exists.
Is there a different location where I can find the on-board package?

Hi @wga,

I saw a message from you on another part of the forum for the PANS_R2, I also keep in my folder the DWM1001_on_board_package_R2.0 zip file. So I will send it to you with the PANS_R2 if you want.