When will UJ4... models be available in QSPICE?

I’d like to use the DS_UJ4C075060K3S in a design, but it’s not listed in the Symbols & IP in QSPICE. Seems that all the devices are 3rd gen. Will the 4th gen devices be added, or should I just use the SPICE model manually from the Qorvo website? Many thanks - as a long time LTSpice user, QSPICE is way cooler!

Good question- I’ll check on that.

You can utilize the LTSpice model of UJ4C075060K3S by following these steps:
Place a MOSFET symbol and modify the properties as follows:

  1. Symbol Type: Set this to ‘X’.
  2. Library file: Use ‘UJ4C075060K3S.txt’. Remember to add the file path if necessary.
  3. Name: Set this to ‘Xn’, where ‘n’ can be any number (1, 2, etc.) if needed.
  4. 1st attribute: Set this to ‘UJ4C075060K3S’.
    It might be beneficial to create a new symbol specifically for UJ4C075060K3S.
    In the example circuit provided, the “.options” setting was required to address a convergence issue.