When I go to edit a previous posting I get "403 Error" when I "Save"

When I go to edit a previous posting I get “403 Error” when I “Save Edit”.

This has been consistent across my posting edits over the last few weeks.


UPDATE: It appears to be an issue when I include graphics in the edit. This UPDATE was a text-only edit and it succeeded.

Thank you very much! Your info was super helpful to tracking down this intermittent issue that I’ve been chasing for months. I was finally able to reproduce this myself, analyze it and apply some fixes that should do the trick. Please give it a whirl and let me know if you get any more of these annoying 403 errors.

@LuisN. Here’s a graphic.


It works.

I just edited the posting with the graphic. It works. No error.


@lpoma - This is great news Len. Thank you very much for confirming!

If you encounter any additional issues, please start a new topic under Site Feedback like you did with this one.