What version# of 3rd party software in QSPICE installations?

In QSPICE software and help file, where does it state the version number of each 3rd party software that is integrated into QSPICE installations?

Hi, Steve.

As for DMC, look in the “dm” subfolder of the QSpice install folder. You should see a file called VERSION (no extension). It’s a text file and contains the DMC version number – “857” on my system.

FWIW, as best I can tell, the last supported release of DMC is about 20yrs old. I spent a while trying to find out what version of C++ DMC supports; it appears to be C++98.

If you want to use newer C++ compilers for C-Block component development, you can. QSpice doesn’t know/care what compiler produced the DLL as long as it is a proper Win32 DLL and exports required entry points.

Hope that helps.