What should I set RBW/VBW in spectrum analyzer for measuring PSD?


I made a system that can data communication and measuring distance using DWM1000 + STM32F765Z.
I should test this system to see if it can be used in a ordinary RF environment.

So I want to measure the PSD(Power Spectral Density) with a spectrum analyzer.
I don’t know how to adjust the RBW/VBW when measuring the UWB signal.

DW1000’s ANT out -> Coaxial Cable -> Spectrum Analyzer

And finally got ‘The average power is xxxdBm/MHz.’
Sorry. I can’t write English well.

I got answer from Application note APS012, APS023.
VBW = RBW = 1MHz
Sweep time = 1sec

Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the video bandwidth sets the low pass filter bandwidth after the detector the therefore filters out out the noise…I created a simple example: 500 MHz CW into a spectrum analyzer for two different ResBW and VB settings, which should illustrate what I mean. Please note that VideoBW and ResBW are often coupled or set automatically by the analyzer, so if you want to adjust them independently.

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