What serial protocols are supported by typical PAC5xxx devices?

I’m looking into the PAC devices, but firstly would like to know what serial protocols are supported


Hi JDL45, welcome to the Qorvo Forums!

The serial peripheral content within our family of PAC5xxx devices will depend on which core you end up choosing. Here is a detail of what you can expect based on whether you choose one of our ARM Cortex M0 PAC52xx devices, or one of our ARM Cortex M4F PAC55xx devices:

ARM Cortex M0 based PAC52xx:

  1. UART (Qty 1)
  2. I2C (Qty 1)
  3. SPI (Qty 1)

ARM Cortex M4F based PAC55xx:

  1. UART (Qty up to 3)
  2. I2C (Qty 1)
  3. SPI (Qty up to 3)
  4. CAN 2.0 (Qty 1)

Please feel free to let us know if there is any other question we can help you with!