What ranging technique does the MDEK1001 use and how can we change the mode to use Asymmetric Double-Sided TWR?

Hi! My team and I are testing out the MDEK1001.

We have looked into the Application note: APS013, as well as the DW1000 User Manual, the DW1000 Data Sheet, the DWM1001 System Overview, and the DWM1001 Firmware API Guide docs.

The APS013 states that the Two Way Ranging technique the DW1000 implements is the Asymmetric double sided TWR.

However, we have seen various research papers and answers in the forum that states the MDEK1001 uses the single-sided TWR technique, and within the DWM1001 System Overview Doc, it also states that the single-sided TWR technique is used.

We also saw the different modes and the typical use cases shown:

Question 1: Which ranging technique does the MDEK1001 actually use? Is there any further documentation to help us understand it?

Question 2: Is there a way to change the mode or ensure that the MDEK1001 uses the Asymmetric TWR technique without flashing our own software and code?

Thank you in advance!