What product to buy for my need ?

I need help deciding what product to buy … awaiting a response to place an order !

My use case : I need to track an autonomous vehicle in area (read 1 mobile tag and multiple anchors)

Questions :

  1. What is the difference between the TREK1000 and MDEK1001 package ?
  2. In my use-case I do not have a wired ethernet … is it mandatory to have an ethernet to get RTLS working (I saw in one of the videos that the anchors should be wired to an ethernet)
  3. In the absence of an ethernet is it possible to collect location information of a mobile tag, in one PC system (assuming it has a tag)
  4. If I buy a few DWM1000 modules (instead of the TREK1000), how much software will I have to write on a PC to track a tag in a bunch of anchors ?

Any help appreciated.

Hi Murphy,

  1. I don’t have TREK1000, but obtain the MDEK1001. MDEK1001 is using the DWM1001 module and the samples are ready to use.
    Once you bought it, you can immediate config a demo of indoor positioning with an Android APP. No need to do any software stuff.
    DWM1001 has already programed the firmware which is developed by Decawave.
    However, what we can do by using DWM1001 is limited as [color=#ff3333]the firmware is not open source[/color]. Decawave do provide some API for us to control the DWM1001, but the functions are very limited now. For the details, you can refer the DWM1001-API-Guide.
    Hopes Decawave will give us more functions later.

  2. For MDEK1001,it is not necessary. The tag and anchor communicate through UWB. But you do need a gateway to collecting the positioning data in order to view on a PC

3.It is possible for MDEK1001. For the details. You can refer to MDEK1001 Kit User Manual p.18. But You need to develop a PC application.

  1. You need to develop your own location engine, how the anchor and tag communicate and the algorithm to get the tag position. It is not easy…