What motor control algorithms are supported?

What 3 phase BLDC/PMSM motor driving algorithms can the PAC5xxx family of devices support?

Hi Brad, will be happy to help you with your question revolving around which algorithms would be supported by pretty the PAC5xxx family. You are in luck as basically any PAC5xxx intelligent motor driver can properly drive/power any tri phase BLDC or PMSM motor topology through a variety of algorithms.

For 3 phase BLDC motors, six step trapezoidal commutation is made available with hall sensor interfacing, or with sensorless (via BEMF tracking) interfacing.

Tri Phase PMSM motors, with their sinusoidal BEMF signature, will benefit from sinusoidally commutated algorithms such as Field Oriented Control. PAC5xxx’s FOC algorithm can operate with hall sensors for high load based startups, or without hall sensors, to obtain a sensorless commutation which relies on the motor’s BEMF extraction through the FOC estimator.

I highly recommend you visit any of our PAC5xxx device’s web pages and download a copy of our free to download FW projects, which will allow you to quickly evaluate the algorithm with your owm motor. For example, if you were to consider a device like the PAC5523, the “Evaluation Tools” tab would direct you to the “PAC55xx” software table where you could find the aforementioned archives. Good luck with your future motor projects!