What is the waveform of dw1000

Hello, I am using your company's DW1000 , and I need to know what the transmitted waveform looks like.I checked the relevant documents of your company (including APS010_DW1000), but I couldn't see the specific waveform display, for example, what it is like to send ''1'' and ''0'' images.
 I sincerely hope that your Excellency can help me as soon as possible,  please write to me soon,thank you very much!

If you mean the RF part, than It is not simple. It uses BPM/BPSK modulation in general. Look at the section 10.2 of the User Manual.

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I assume you saw section 4.1 “The UWB impulse waveform” of APS010 Wireless sensor networks and the DW1000.

Note that the actual pulse waveform will depend on a lot of factors like the channel, TX power, Transmitter Calibration (TC_PG_CTRL), Transmitter Analog Settings (RF_TXCTRL), frame settings and data content as well as the RF transmission lines, filtering and the antenna.