What is the steps to design a PAC5523 based motor control board?

I see the reference design for PAC5523EVK. What is my next step to design an own board based on PAC5523?

Hi SZhang, there are a few steps I can recommend to design your own hardware solution based on the PAC5523.

You are welcome to take a look at our PAC5523EVK hardware which will give you a good idea on how to configure the device for typical tri phase inverters used to drive Brushless DC and PMSM motors. You will be able to find all PAC5523EVK output files here: " PAC5523EVK1 Schematics, Layout, BOM, Gerber Files".

If you are using Altium as your PCB development tool, you could even download our Altium database for the PAC5523 EVK: " PAC5523EVK1 Altium Project Files". We have had a decent number of customers using this database as their starting point when defining their own application hardware.

I would also recommend taking a look at our layout design guidelines which you can find within the PAC5523’s “Document” tab. Namely, we recommend you familiarize yourself with " PAC55xx PCB Design and Layout Guidelines" and " PCB Layout Guidelines for QFN Package (AN-104)"

Review the PAC5523EVK hardware to understand the configuration for tri-phase inverters. This will give you insights into driving Brushless DC and PMSM motors. Schematics, Layout, BOM, Gerber Files: Access the PAC5523EVK output files, which include schematics, layout, Bill of Materials (BOM), and Gerber files. These documents are essential for understanding the hardware design. ProCADIS AutoCAD 2020 pricing. If you’re using Altium for PCB development, you can download the Altium database for the PAC5523 EVK. This resource has been utilized by many customers as a starting point for their application hardware.