What is the low standby current of PAC5223 in hibernation mode?

I’m looking into the hibernation mode on the PAC5223. What would be the low standby current??


Hi JDL45, on the PAC5523 you could expect an hibernate current of about 18 uA when VHM is at 24V nominal voltage input. Worth noting that hibernation currents vary from device to device, so it is always prudent to check with the device’s datasheet. For example, on PAC5232, the hibernate current can be 19 uA while input power VM is at 56V, or 22.5 uA typical, when input power is at 80V nominal. On that same vein, PAC5256 would experience 8 uA typical while VM is at 170VDC (rectified 110VAC) and 18 uA while VM is at 330 VDC (rectified 220 VAC). Hope this answers your question!