What is the expected path of the library implementation files?

I made a single element library, which contains a symbol and the related “implementation” schematic. Its purpose to use them in different projects (i.e. on a different QSPICE schematic). I put the two file in a directory and added the direcory to QSPICE (Symbol Browser / Add Symbol Directory).

I tried run the simulation and it failed. The schematic which was referenced by the symbol, was not found. I put this referenced schematic into the directory where is the qsch is, it started working. Do I understand correctly that the symbol’s implementation schematic should be in the direcory where I use the symbol? Should I copy the whole library implementation into every usage direcory? Or do I miss or mess up something?

I was very happy when I saw the Symbol and IP Browser and there is an explicit way to “link” direcory
to the QSPICE, but the real linking/referencing not needs to copy the files in every use-place.

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Hierarchical designs should be all in one directory. The ability to search for symbol paths are for symbols that are programmed to include the right file or simply contain the model in the symbol.