What is the difference between PAC5523 and PAC5523A?

I’m looking at the product folders: PAC5523 and PAC5523A, and it would help if I had a boiled down answer.

Hi Amy, thanks for your question regarding the PAC5523 and PAC5523A. The simple answer is that the PAC5523 contains a 32 bit ARM Cortex M4F Version 1 MCU and the PAC5523A contains a 32 bit ARM Cortex M4F Version 2 MCU. Version 2 MCU contains a few bug fixes with the timer and ADC modules, as well as some improvements. For more information on the exact changes we recommend studying the V1 vs V2 document within the PAC5523A’s Documents section. Also worth noting the same MCU change applies to PAC5524/26/27/56. The A version has Version 2, whereas the non-A version contains MCU Version 1.
PAC5532 is different as there is a PAC5532, PAC5532A and PAC5532B. Both PAC5532 and PAC5532A have the MCU Version 1, whereas PAC5532B contains the MCU Version 2.
PAC55xx MCU v1 vs MCU v2.pdf (175.8 KB)