What is port numbers of web manager?

Hi, I want to know port number of web manager to access gateway in infra network.
I installed gateway at infra network and I can check web manager working.
To access web manager outside, I need to open firewall with ip port number.
I know that 80, 15675 ports are used, but web manager is not work correctly after opening those ports. I can only see Decawave logo.
Please let me know every number of ip port

Thank you

Hi @minsu
the web manager is a demo application it lacks of any type of security and etc. You should not open it to the world free access.

Regarding your question) It s more complex here. When you open you page (this is what you see now) then the web browser loads the static content and then it tries connect to the MQTT broker via websockets. You also needs to to make port redirection to your MQTT broker to make it work.