What is DWM1000 output

I am student . I want to use dWm1000 for my research, what is the output of this module? What does it send to the microprocessor?
Is the DWM1001c module have an nrf52 microprocessor ready with firmware and its output is location and distance? Does this mean that the output of these two modules is different?
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The DWM1000 is purely the DW1000 chip with the minimum parts around it required to make the chip work (clock, some power supply parts, some R’s and C’s for various PLL loops).
It doesn’t contain any processor or firmware, it is purely a dumb device that needs to be driven by an external processor via SPI. Or to answer your exact question: What does it output? Whatever the connected processor asks for from the contents of the internal registers, the registers are detailed in the user manual for the DW1000.

The DWM1001 is a very different animal. It contains a processor and can be programmed with off the shelf firmware. When this is correctly configured allows it to output ranges or positions.

In terms of keeping it simple for a student project, there are arduino libraries for the DWM1000 (and Arduino DW1000 library should work) that will drive the chip and allow you to get range outputs without worrying about the guts of the chip.

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Thank you for your attention,
It is said in the datasheet
Modules labeled “DWM1001” are pre-loaded with firmware, Modules labeled “DWM1001C” are delivered without firmware -blank-.
What does DWM1001 mean? Is it a development board? I found the Dwm1001c module and haven’t seen that DWM1001 module for purchase anywhere

They used to sell the DWM1001, they switched to the DWM1001C. Physically they are identical but one has firmware pre-installed and the other doesn’t. I’m not sure why they made the change.

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Hi @f.saeidnejad @AndyA
now you can buy only the DWM1001C where the C means Calibrated (for PANS software). And that is the only one difference between the C and non-C version.


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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your guidance