What is different about PREAMBLE SNIFF and PREAMBLE HUNT

hi guys

i’m studying about UWB using dw1000 focus on power consumption

Like in the title what is different preamble hunt and sniff?

i understood HUNT is consumes power until it finds a specific frame. and than SNIFF is Check at regular intervals.

so result. SNIFF is less power consumption than HUNT?

if is it true, Is there anything different than power consumption?

The “Hunt” is the same as active RX – the receiver is turned on and is looking/hunting for Preamble

The SNIFF is a low-power listening mode in which the receiver cycles between active RX/”hunt” mode and RX off. While RX off the device is placed in INIT state to save power/reduce current consumption.
Other then this there is no difference.


Thanks to quick reply