What causes errors in behavioral voltage sources?

There is a behavior that does not make sense about behavior power.

First, on the left of this image, the behavior power supply is set to “V=sin(2PIfm*time)”.
With fm and ma set as parameters, the simulation completes as usual.

However, when I set “V=masin(2PIfmtime)” with the ma parameter in the behavior power supply as shown in the right side of the image, I get the following error…

Unresolved parameter: “MA”
Fatal error: Missing expression in B-source B1

I wonder why ???????
Anything you can do to help me, I will do.

param not parma

Anyway, are you anyhow related to Sillumin?as in chip maker?

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I didn’t notice!!!
By the way, it has nothing to do with it at all!