Weable device - social distancing

i am a responsible for purchasing an Italian company. We want to realize a wearable device for managing social distancing. When two (or more) devices approach below a threshold, all devices rings or vibrates.
Have Decawave any solutions for us ?

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Actually such a device was already realized. We did it about one month ago and is patent and utility model pending.
The patent and utility model cover device, system and method to enforce/promote/logging social distance.
Feel free to get in touch if you wish.

I’d be immensely pleased to direct the numerous inquiries I get for such a product to you.

To do so, I will need technical details on what your product does, such as cost, size, weight, battery life, update rate, logging features, accuracy, and, most importantly, system capacity in terms of density of devices in an area.

We have yet to see a product that actually works in a practical sense. so the market is ready and waiting for you. Most systems we have looked at can work in a trivial circumstance, like 20 tags in a room. It is when you get 50, 100, 200 people in an area that systems fall down badly, and those are exactly the places when it is needed most. The other common failing is tags which are too occluded by the body to have full coverage.

To be clear, working in a practical sense means no installed infrastructure. If one can install infrastructure, then the problem is trivial and solved. Customers don’t want to do that for cost and time reasons.

I sure hope you have some significant and necessary feature no one has thought of before. The patent office is overrun with various COVID related “inventions” right now and we had “social distance detector using UWB” inquiries going back many months, so the general idea is not new.

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We have a Customer with over 5000 employees who inquired us a quotation for a such device. Could i have more technical informations ? Have you a data sheet ?

My private email is dazalfredonewlife@gmail.com

personal tags are everywhere and comes in different flavors, size, weight, …
That’s not new.

From your website I see you already produce and sell them too.
Integrating a led, buzzer, vibrating motor in it is not an issue, and that’s what we did from
hardware point of view.

I’m pretty sure there are lots of cases where, even only 20/30 tags per room, can save the day.

I don’t see the infrastructure cost as a limiting point. So, Anchors, Gateways and their deployment?
Or do you mean, the backend software or firmware customization running on the devices?

In a free world anyone can asks for that…

So, it shouldn’t be the only one patent refused request then … (but the utility model could apply)

I can’t go too much into details, but while I can agree that “social” distance applications can overlap each other, at the time of our patent/utility model request, we didn’t find any solutions on the market. From my understanding, asking for something doesn’t produce any innovations anyway.

Moreover, because of the world started to experience a global lockdown only a couple of months ago is very strange, but obviously possible, that you received lots of request for “social distance” management before the problem arise.

So, at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we started to think about something useful and we came out with a full system, devices with some customization and backend software that help do to that. We found a solution that works and scale at a reasonable level. It’s a perfect solution? May be not, but you know this is not a perfect world.

Finally, what we have right now is a fully working system, mass production will take a while.


Is that your system capacity?

Does your system require infrastructure (anchors or other equipment deployed in the monitored area)? To ask another way, without infrastructure, does the system work at all?

Absence on market doesn’t equate to lack of patents.

If you “came out with a full system”, you should tell us what it is. Customers need to know what they can expect. If somebody came out with a viable system, at the very least it might save a number of entrepreneurs from wasting their money chasing the same market.

Seriously, I am looking for somebody who has a no infrastructure, practical capacity, economical social distancing product that I can recommend to all those who inquire with us.

There are dozens of really nice web sites that describe products, but precious few that are real or work. Examples:


You can find numerous more.

Mike Ciholas, President, Ciholas, Inc
3700 Bell Road, Newburgh, IN 47630 USA
+1 812 962 9408

Hey there,
I don’t know if you found what you wanted. If not, I would like to recommend our Safe Distancing assistant. Using UWB and our own IC to extend the range of localizing targets, we are able to detect quickly and efficiently people without using their personal info. We have a customizable solution, which means the Tags can come either as an armband, necklace, watch etc…
To fit your requirements, we usually need more info about the number of targets, the environment etc.
Here is one of our article to know more about iWavenology Safe Distancing Assistant : https://www.iwavenology.com/blog/covid19-social-distancing-assistant

I am available if you need any more info:
Carlyle D. Business Development Manager of iWavenology

Have a nice day !

I’m considering these two statements on your web site:

Can you describe a practical operational scenario in which you can achieve that much capacity in your system?

For example, given 2000 people at one site, can your system truly detect all the distances necessary in 100 ms?

Absent more technical information about the system, I remain highly skeptical it achieves what is claimed.

Mike Ciholas, President, Ciholas, Inc
3700 Bell Road, Newburgh, IN 47630 USA
+1 812 962 9408

Dear Mike,

Thank you for raising these questions. At iWavenology, the engineers’ team works relentlessly every day to improve the capacities of our iPosition, our Real-time positioning system.
Using our own ICs iPosition can achieve these results in most environments (Up to 600 meters as written on our website: https://www.iwavenology.com/ )

As you undoubtedly know being a specialist in UWB, having a certain kind of material on-site, floors, numbers of tags needed…automatically influence the results of any Real-Time Locating System.

To fit the requirements of our clients, we provide customizable solutions. This means that once we receive a detailed project (environment, area, numbers of tags needed), we can properly understand the issues related to the environment and overcome them with a unique RTLS product based on the needs of our partner.
That is why we do prefer sending detailed information after we can precisely evaluate the requirements of our partners.

If you have any questions regarding our product, feel free to contact me:


Sending an UWB signal over 600 meters range at regulatory transmit power levels is unheard of, so that claim is very hard to believe. If you have achieved that, that is truly game changing. How can I get access to this technology?

Your web site describing your iPosition product says “Long range: 600 square meters”. To cover 600 square meters from one device, that would be a circle with radius 14 meters, which is under performing typical UWB range by quite a bit.

Can you clarify what UWB transmission range your system does achieve?

Can I buy an iPosition system right now? What does a basic starting system cost and what is the lead time?

Mike Ciholas, President, Ciholas, Inc
3700 Bell Road, Newburgh, IN 47630 USA
+1 812 962 9408

Dear Mike,

iPosition has a wide range coverage of 600 meters. This is one of our competitive advantage using our own ICs to extend standard RTLS detection distance.

As I mentioned, please feel free to contact us at iwnology@gmail.com to make an order request and to know more about your requirements.

Have a nice day,

Have a nice day,