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We are using the ESP32 UWB DW1000 module.
We had some issues with this product. We want to develop a 3D indoor tracking system with these products, but the product we set as the label does not exactly give the desired distance.
Even though we keep the product fixed, it sends information from different locations.

The DW1000 module scans the aircraft 360⁰ and sends frequency, right?
For example, if we put it horizontally, it sends and receives signals by scanning 360⁰ in the horizontal plane, right?
2D 360⁰ scanning?

I’m also having a problem adding multiple tags. The dw1000 library is preventing me from adding multiple tags…
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Hi @Abdullah24
it is a bit hard to understand what is your need.

But I don’t know which library do you use however you need to ask there and not here.

Regarding your question - DWM1000 is a radio module with integrated antenna it does not do any 360scans or whatever it can receive signal from any direction. The main feature of the DW1000 is to do a precise timestamp the time when the message i received by the module.

I would recommend you to buy a DWM1001 and try it with the free PANS firmware which is rady to go for localization.


Can I set dw1000 modules as multi anchor + multi tag? for example: 4 anchors + 2 tags. Does the hardware support this?
we got errors in multiple tags in our studies. We wonder if the problem is in the hardware or the library software we use.
Thank you.

Hi @Abdullah24
the DW1000 it is just a radio transceiver all its functionality depends on SW which controls it. So the answer for you it is the Library issue.