Waveform Viewer graphical suggestions

Hi Mr. Engelhardt:

Would be possible to render the top and bottom borders of the waveform plot windows on a background “layer” so that they don’t interfere with the waveform traces? This would improve the visibility of digital signals that are almost always drawn on top of the top and bottom borders. And drawing the window borders in a darker hue would also increase the visual contrast.

Also, please consider a “logic analyzer” mode for the plot window where multiple signals can be displayed in the same window, but separated vertically so that they can be visually differentiated from each other. This would be exceptionally handy for testing Verilog modules. A workaround is to add DC offsets to each signal’s plot expression to separate them vertically, but setting that up is picky and time consuming.

Thanks for considering these suggestions!
Best regards, DC

I had a closer look at the interaction between the plot window borders and the plot lines, and I have to apologize that I got it wrong: the plots are indeed already drawn “on top of” the borders. So you might just consider using the same line style you use for the graticule for drawing the plot area bounding box. This might allow traces coincident with that box to stand out a little better.

Thanks for the consideration!