.wave similar like LTspice?


Any plans to include .wave command?


I’ve been working on a c-block component to do this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post “proof of concept” code today.

– robert

.wave is a great (and really important) feature to pass QSPICE data to other tools.

Equally important is the wavefile syntax for voltage sources:
Vxxx n+ n- wavefile=<filename> [chan=]

Will this be implemented as well?

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@RDunn upload his code in GibHub which can perform this task. Refer to this discussion thread.
Wave Source Component – Proof of Concept Code - QSPICE - Qorvo Tech Forum

Nice! Works perfectly!

Where do I find the .wave equivalent code (for saving waveforms)? Feeling a bit noob here…

Hi, Havards.

I’ve written the code for a “wave out” component and will share it soon, hopefully today or tomorrow.


Impressive! Looking forward to test it out:)

See new thread: WavIO Components for QSpice (*.wav files)


I’ll be shutting down that line. New code/new repo. See WavIO Components for QSpice (*.wav files)


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