WAV-Files //-// Input/Output Support

Hello Everybody, Hello Qorvo Team, Hello Mr. Engelhardt,

i cut myself short:
Will there ever be any WAV support, like we were used to in "xx"spice from ADI?
I point to inputs as well as outputs.

Thanks for considering any answer.
Johannes Herrmann (a great fan of Mike Engelhardt)
Leipzig, Germany

Hi, Johannes.

Will the WavIO Components on my GitHub repo do what you need?


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Hello Robert,
Thanks for your reply. Out of bad experiences with third party addons, i am refusing those. This is nothing against you or your efforts. Its just my bad experience with badware.

Generally, i do not understand, why Mike implemented WAV support natively in LTSpice, but didn’t do so with QSpice. Generally i am of the opinion, that such I/O Support should be essential part of the main program. I -personally- think, this is no thing for 3rd Party Plugins.

Again: Nothing against your work - your effort. I really appreciate your answer.
Again: Its just may bad experience with dirty 3rd party plugins.

Maybe i will reconsider at some point in time, but right now i think i stick with ADI and ADI-Spice.