Warehouse forklift tracking solution

Hi, We are building an indoor localization solution for one of our clients who has a large warehouse. We thought of using your dwm1001c module for this project since it has good accuracy. The size of the warehouse is 42 m x 65 m.

image t
colored boxes represent aisles. The height of aisles is 10m and the gap between roof and aisles is 2 m.

Blue aisles: width 0.9 m and length 29 m
Green aisles: width 1.25 m and length 56 m
Red aisles: width 1.25m and length 26 m

Inside the warehouse, we have large metal aisles. So we have the following question in selecting your module.

  1. Is it possible to use your dwm1001c module here since there are large metal racks and some racks having containers with nuts and bolts?
  2. Will this have a significant accuracy issue with location?
  3. If so, roughly expected degree of error under these circumstances?
  4. How many anchor node modules we will need to calculate location with about 10 cm or 20 cm accuracy?
  5. What is the best arrangement for the modules in this warehouse?

This is a real image of the warehouse.

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