Waking up tags remotely, via Gateway

I have purchased the MDEK1001 and have setup the system with 4 anchors, 2 tags and 1 listener (an anchor in passive mode). I connected the listener to a PC via USB and already am able to obtain the coordinates of both tags, by running the “lep” command on the “Minicom” terminal.
My question is: Is there any way i could force a tag to go into sleep/awake mode remotely, via the listener (by using UWB signals, not bluetooth)?
Thank you.

Hi Alex,

The listener only listens. If you want to interact with the network over UWB, you need to setup a gateway that we have recently released.

Please see the gateway quick deployment guide.

Regarding your question, I think you could add this behavior in the user application, and enable it on receive of a downlink token from the gateway.


when sutting up the gateway, should we download the host api into the raspberry board??
or it will run on itself cause it doesn’t show any tags or anchors

Hi Ahmed, the gateway and host api are two very different software components.

The gateway will work on its own.


okay that’s clear now ;
So what’s the host api rpi in the documents what’s its use ?

The host api is an example of a C program connecting to an anchor or a tag and retriving data from it. It is running on a raspberry pi but it is very different from the gateway which is much more complex.


the source code for the web manager is available for devoloppers??

Hi Ahmed,

the source code of the Web Manager is on the Raspberry PI image in /var/www.
It’s client base application so you can also download it via your web browser.


Thanks mate
will look into it