WakeUp DW1000 with SPICSn

Is it possible to wake up device from low power listening mode anytime?
Our use case:
Device is most of the time in low power listening mode (based on sample ex_08a_low_power_listen_rx).
User press button on device and we try to wakeup DWM1000 (holding SPICSn 500 µs low, SPIMOSI is low as well) and disable low power mode. Problem is that device don’t won’t to wake up. On picture bellow are signals captured by oscilloscope:

Could you provide me please correct sequence how to wake up device?


Please see UM section on LPL, when using LPL, the device is configured to sleep and periodically wake up (by itself) and sniff the air for any frames. If there is a good RX then the device will stay in IDLE until the interrupt is cleared.
If you force the wake up from the micro, the device will just sniff the air and go back to sleep.

Thank you for explanation. Is there any proper way how to force wake up device?

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This should be useful for me

I managed it long time ago. Don’t use build-in function dwt_spicswakeup() because calling dwt_readdevid() inside function is causing chip freezing.

My workaround:
Hold SPICSn a SPIMOSI low for 500 µs, than wait for reset pin to go to level High and immediately reset and init chip again.


Hi Vipako, could you provide the code snippet of your workaround. I am trying to implement it, but if you already have a working version, it would be of great help. Thanks!