Wake-up and sleep while not connected to UWB

Hi all,

I am working with the DWM1001 module for almost a year now and we have designed several products based on the DWM1001.

Based on our field experience, we have found out that the batteries in our tags discharge a lot faster than expected. According to the document “DWM1001 System Overview”, the tag should initially sleep for 10 s and after some time the sleep duration will be extended to 60 s. I have set up a current measurement and I see that the sleep period remains at 10s, even after 2 hours of constantly missing connection to the UWB network. For this test I have used the factory firmware image an not my custom firmware. Every 10 s the current consumption rises from 30 µA to 18 mA for 100 ms and then to 150 mA for 100 ms before returning to 30µA. This gives a mean current consumption of 1.71 mA (if the sleep period would be 60 s, the mean current would fall to 0.31 mA).

The problem in our application (2500 tags in a production hall) is that the tags periodically leave the production hall for a longer time and the UWB network is restricted to the production hall. Thus, the tag’s battery lifetime reduces drastically. Another problem is, that the batteries will drain a lot of energy while beeing transported to the customer.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? Is there any way to force the tag to the 60 s sleep period or to reduce power consumption when there is no UWB network present?

The configuration of the tag is as follows:

  • LEDs: disabled
  • BLE: disabled
  • Location Engine: enabled
  • Responsive Mode: disabled
  • Stationary Detection: Enabled
  • Nom. Update Rate: 200 ms
  • Stat. Update Rate: 1 min

This is the measured current during wake up:

Thanks in advance for your responses and best regards from Germany,